2014 June 28 - All Humility (Lotsa Update)

Hi all,

Starting to feel a little more human this evening and finally had a chance to log [into the Lotsa Helping Hands website] myself. I am all humility. Thank you and thank you again for showing up for me. Thank you also for all the texts and cards and poems and meals and cookies and errands and good thoughts. I am working hard to take it all in. I've spent a lot of time crying recently, but more and more it has been with overwhelm at how wonderful people (people like you) can be.

I'm still recovering from the surgery/chemo combo and the next treatment looms, but I'll hope to be able to get out (or have people in) more soon. When that happens, look for the girl sporting the fresh buzz cut. Yep, my 20-something feminista haircut is back in full force. Time warp.

Love and more love,