2014 July 1 - Pure Beauty (Lotsa Update)

Hi there,

After a little scare and hospital visit for fluids on Sunday (thanks to Jen T for white-horsing that trip), I'm finally feeling more like myself. I slept well last night and was able to do a few little things around the house today. Also got out of my pajamas for a really nice visit from my boss, Jean, and coworker, Alberta. Ended the evening on the porch (outside! not for a doctor/hospital visit!) with my current visiting caretaker/dear friend, Tara, and Jen T. (Also, just to share the good news - I enjoyed eating today!)

This Thursday will end my month-long string of having either a family member or friend from out of town staying with me. I think I feel okay about being on my own until the next treatment on July 15th. I am hoping to spend these next two weeks resting a lot and catching up with St. Louis folk. (My beloved cousin/BFF, Alexis, will be coming back from Portland to be with me for the week of the treatment.)

Again, thank you all for being so amazingly available and willing to help. As crappy as this all is, you are pure beauty.