Ask the Passengers, by A.S. King

This young adult coming of age novel started off a little slow for me and it took a minute to get clear on the “ask the passengers” conceit - the main character was talking to the passengers on the planes passing over because she couldn’t figure out how to talk to the people right there in her own world. And here and there were snippets of the lives of the passengers; charming enough. After a while, I grew to like Astrid who is a teenager figuring out who she likes and how to show it, and all the messiness that ensues. Since it’s been a month or so since I finished and I got behind on writing this report, here are a few quick snapshots of what I remember: parents who don’t get it, perfect siblings who are not really perfect, but sad; first times at a gay dance club where you finally seem to fit (yay!); kissing the wrong person and trying to figure out why you did; and wow - a lot of de-veining of shrimp happens in this book. As lesbian coming of age novels go, this one was sweet and not too pushy and not too perfect. It’s worth an afternoon of reading.