2014 September 16 - Chemo #5, Sleepy Fighter (Lotsa Update)

Hey friends,

I'm really sleepy so this will be short, but wanted to let you know that chemo treatment number five went smoothly today. I slept through most of it and darling Kristi sat by my side. (Now she's out getting me food; after tonight, eating will probably be much harder, so taking advantage of all the drugs they gave me today and the presence of quenchable hunger.)

Had a little scare yesterday. Friday's pre-chemo blood work showed white blood cell count too low for treatment. (It was 770 and they will not treat below 1000.) I had to rush in for another test yesterday and my count had risen to around 1200, so we were good to go this morning. My doctor is concerned that my white blood cell count is not rebounding as well as he'd like after treatments, so plans to add another drug called Neulasta that is supposed to help rebuild white blood cells (neulasta.com). This is a shot given 24-72 hours after chemo. Thankfully, my insurance allows me to go get the shot in person, rather than giving it alone at home, so I'll go in Thursday for that. (Should be interesting to get myself out of the house that day, which is usually my worst in the cycle...)

Well, that's all I have for now, folks. I'll keep a wide net up to catch your prayers and good thoughts this week.

Your sleepy fighter,