2014 August 5 - Chemo #3, Tender (Lotsa Update)

Hi dears,

Another quick update...

Chemo number three is behind me. Even with the tenderness of the new port, once I was connected, things went well. My Aunt Mia is here from Denver to spend the week taking care of me. (This is her second trip since I was diagnosed and she is fantastic.) I was asleep through most of my treatment, but, so far, these 6-8 hour sessions lend themselves well to deep conversation, which Mia and I shared.

Before the chemo, Shawnessey joined me to meet with Dr. Powell. We went over a few things including general questions about the why/ how of this cancer. I learned that, unbeknownst to me, endometriosis, can change into cancer. Endometriosis is so common and cancer from it so rare, that it's not often discussed. I wish it were. In good news, my Ca-125 (ovarian cancer marker) has dropped to 10 (from 2000 prior to surgery and treatment); that is a good sign.

Now, I embark on a week of chemo recovery and the beginning of healing for the new port. Probably some rough days ahead in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share the update with you while I could.

THANKS and love.



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