2014 August 26 - Chemo #4, A Comforting Arm (Lotsa Update)

Quick update. Made it through chemo infusion number 4 (of 6). The magnificent Sarah Whitt is here from Philly to be with me for the treatment and the coming week. Shawnessey also stopped into the infusion center for a little while so Sarah could get some lunch. (Just all kinds of bright energy bouncing around that chemo room!)

There was a little holdup yesterday when my doc's office saw my bloodwork from last Friday; my white blood cell count was too low for treatment. After some fancy maneuvering to get unexpected (the doc's office calls it "stat!") bloodwork drawn yesterday, we learned late last night that I had rebounded and treatment could go ahead on schedule. In other bloodwork news, my Ca-125 is down to 7.5. My doc is pleased with this and imagines it will stay here and not go lower.

Now, I'm home, extraordinarily tired, about to have a snack and go to sleep. I'll appreciate your prayers, thoughts, vibes, and other good stuff for the coming week.

Love and more love,


Ps - The great thing about being with a good friend is that if you're just too tired while waiting for the hospital valet to bring your car around, there is a caring shoulder on which to rest your head and a comforting arm that slips around your back. Xo